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WARSHOP: Interlude 001

The start of the next Warshop adventure, v.Monster Blossom, is on the horizon. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Interlude 001 bridging v.Desert’s Appetite with v.Monster Blossom. Check out the standard static page or view below.

Some background thoughts on the piece from creator/artist Aposcar Guevara Cruz:

This is just me plain old having fun- and challenging artistic self. Playing with a page- perspective, composition, storytelling- that I wasn’t sure was going to work or not- actually, in all honesty, still not even sure if it DOES work or not. Not 100% with the final turn out, but am happy with the effort put behind it. Sometimes, you just have to be satisfied with the effort put in and carry that over into future pieces.

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