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MOVIES: “X-men: Days of Future Past”- Villain revealed at last?

News for the upcomingX-Men: Days of Future Past film has been sprinkling out. Up to this point regarding the adversaries for the X-men it has been revealed that the movie will feature the dreaded Sentinels, giant robots programmed and designed to hunt mutants. New info may suggest that the chief X-Men villain will be someone totally different. When asked if the arch-villain Apocalypse would make an appearance, the director Bryan Singer became very cautious of his next comments, saying that “This is how it starts, people start to put the little pieces together.” Is he suggesting that the interviewer is correct in assuming that Apocalypse is the villain or that rumors start with improperly constructed responses to questions that people turn into further speculation? We leave the speculation to you.

Side note: Apocalypse is the X-men super villain equivalent of Thanos to the Avengers, and Darkseid to the Justice League. He is a mutant that was born 5000 years ago, raised on the principle of only the strongest survive. He spent his 5000 years of life attempting to enforce that principle on just about everything. Several of his storylines deal with heroes traveling into the past to stop him, which coincides with the X-Men title Days of Future Past.

Read the article here at Dark Horizens.

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